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In every happy moment, I know an inevitable shadow, the Sadness, is coming. So I tend to feel both sentiments at the same time. I made this tune in one of these moments.

I am also comforted in the comment section that cheers each other. Thank you.

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Meditation · Monoman

Released on: 2019-01-22
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  1. If you can, look up at the stars that shine so brightly for you. They twinkle so soft and yet so brightly in the night sky. The night sky sometimes is bright and clear. Other times it is dark and cloudy. No matter what, they always shine. They shine just as lovely as all of you. No matter how dark it gets, you are always remembered and loved by someone. You shine brightly like the stars to someone. Through all your scars shines the most beautiful light. One so unique to you. So don’t tear yourself apart… because there is only one of you. You can do it. You can push through. Just like the stars that work hard to twinkle for you. Like the star you are.

  2. When i was a kid, I used to believe that the world is filled with kindness and love. I fell into depression upon learning the truth about reality, I lost hope in humanity, lost the desire to live. Seeing this kind of comment section in Youtube really light up my hopes in humanity, love all of you.
    Please stay healthy and be happy 🙂

  3. If you come here because you need that little bit of peace, let me tell you please don't give up. You have to keep fighting. That stronger, faster, better you is waiting at the end of whatever battle you're fighting. It's not the end. It's only the beginning. You have to get up. Despite the numerous times you've been slammed into the ground you have to dust yourself off and ask "is that all you got?" Because you're strong. Know it. Own it. Trust me, I know. And if you have to go down, go down fighting with everything you've got. Never stop fighting. Please. I'm sure someday we will meet and show our battle scars and talk about how we made it. Sleep easy tonight. You need to rest. Blessings and Love❤❤❤