The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me (Official Lyric Video)

Black Panther The Album out now

Music video by The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar performing Pray For Me. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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  1. Now tell me whom is really in this kind of lifestyle that I leave behind and so that way you all know this is not the same
    Can you explain too me on whom is going too show you how too be come the star from the night sky when you are long gone …

    I will remain the same ever since this government found me out in the streets selling a product that nobody wants too bring up or talk about for in the end we will all the same in this game that they can not play anymore or else until they want to bring the 1 whom started all of this only too find out that it was just weed that I grown and kept a close eye on for these other players that were thinking they understood what I was doing so tell them that is no such thing as yours in this kind of game that you know how too play …

    please do not say a prayer for me
    just take me day away from me
    can you save yourself from me because I love that you know nothing about loyalty
    if I go die looking for you
    that means that I am going to have too kill for you
    but I still believe that I am alone whenever I stand beside you
    so hate !

    I know that you are not ready for a 3 letter word called … just know that it is not the same
    I already know that you ready to rewrite a life again just tell them that you are all the same

  2. Rapture won’t happen until the wicked one is revealed.

    If the good angels do run a Leroy Jenkins harvest it would have to be before the Neuralink goes into human trials…or sometime around that. When the innocent who have no freedoms are at risk to becoming augmented with the Neuralink/Mark of the Beast ex. Paraplegics.