Thiên Thiên Khuyết Ca (千千阙歌) – Bản guitar solo cực hay của Diệp Nhuệ Văn

Ca khúc: Thiên Thiên Khuyết Ca (Hán tự: 千千阙歌), chuyển soạn và trình bày guitar bởi nghệ sỹ guitar Trung Quốc – Diệp Nhuệ Văn
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  1. Music lovers fell in love with this song although they don't know about it.
    This song was quite popular around Asia and loved the song.
    The song was composed by
    Kōji Makaino who is a Japanese pop music composer, arranger, and musician.
    Song title is 'Qian Qian Que Ge' and sung by Hong Kong singer Priscilla Chan.
    The translated version is known as 'There is only you in my heart'.
    The guitar solo was played by Ye Ruewen (Ruewen Ye) from Zhenjiang, China.
    Folk guitarist Ruewen is famous for China fingering style and he is the best.
    (Note – Ruewen Ye is a male.)